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Welcome to Fox Red Labrador Retriever Breeder Resources from around the world!

Here you will find reputable breeders of Fox Red Labradors from around the world that specialize in the Fox Red shade (Yellow Labradors) that strive to produce puppies with excellent health, temperament, soundness and conformation, along with Fox Red Lab History and other useful information about Fox Red Labrador Retrievers.

Read here about influential breeders that developed Fox Fed Labradors.

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With the growing popularity of this color, we felt it would be great to offer a resource to both breeders and puppy buyers. Fox Red Breeder Resources is a site to help people locate quality Fox Red Breeders, Fox Red Puppies, Fox Red Litters, Fox Red Adults, Fox Red Stud Dogs, and in depth information on Fox Red Labs centrally located on the world wide web. When searching for a Breeder of Fox Red or for a Fox Red Puppy, it is important that the breeder is doing all proper Health Clearances before breeding and breeding to improve the Fox Red gene pool. Please visit Fox Red Puppies For Sale.

Click here to see what color Fox Red Lab Puppies look like at birth and the color changes as they grow.

Please continue checking back as Fox Red Labrador Retriever Breeder Resources will be adding more Breeders, Litters, Available Puppies, Stud Dogs and Information all the time! Fox Red Lab Photos/Pictures Gallery

Our mission is to list the best breeders of Fox Red Labradors, who are breeding to improve the Fox Red shade. The American Kennel Club (AKC) and many Foreign Kennel Clubs, only recognize the following colors of the Labrador Retriever: Black, Chocolate and Yellow, ranging from Cream to Fox Red in variation or shade.

The American Kennel Club Labrador breed standard states: Yellows may range in color from fox-red to light cream, with variations in shading on the ears, back, and underparts of the dog.

***DISCLAIMER: Please note we accept no responsibility for puppies, litters, breeders, stud dogs, etc listed on Fox Red Labrador Retriever Breeder Resources. Listings do not constitute endorsement. We retain the right to accept or deny all Listing for Breeders, Puppies, Litters or Stud Dogs. Our intent is list only Breeders, Puppies, Litters and Stud Dogs that have proper health clearances.

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